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Written by John H.B. Latrobe, Jr.   
Tuesday, 12 May 2009 16:28

The Ahnentafel report contains all the detailed information for all the ancestors of the starting individual.  Ahnentafel is German for "ancestor table."  While the report is not an actual table it is a convenient way to list all the ancestors of someone using a simple mathematical formula.  

Start with any number you like (generally 1) for the target individual, then the father of that person is double that number (2), while the mother is double plus one (3).  Continuing on, the parents of the father are (2x2=4) and (2x2+1=5), and the parents of  the mother are (2x3=6) and (2x3+1=7).  This doubling of numbers continues for each preceding generation.  Ahnentafel numbers can also be used in reverse.  Given, say an individual with a number of 100, his (because 100 is even so he's male) child is 50 (even), and his grandchild is 25 (odd, so it's a girl).  And 25's child is then 12.  Why?  Because there is no 12.5 and 25 is married to 24 (which is 2x12).  It seems simple enough but it's important to remember that ahnentafel numbers are only meaningful in the report in which they were generated.  You can't compare numbers between different reports unless the starting individual is the same person (or a sibling).  That said, it's also useful to remember that MY ahnentafel report will never change.  I can fill in more blanks but each of my ancestor's numbers will remain constant.

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