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Written by John H. B. Latrobe, Jr.   
Thursday, 03 December 2009 18:21

I wrote previously about upgrading from Family Tree Maker version 16 to 2010. If you read my article on Reference Numbers then you'll understand my dependence on consistent Gedcom creation. Without a reliable Gedcom I am unable to maintain permanent links to people in my online genealogy.

Now that I finally have FTM 16 figured out, 2010 has to throw a wrench into the works. One of my first tasks after upgrading FTM was to create a Gedcom so I could compare against a version 16 Gedcom. If they looked similar and all the numbers matched then I could be fairly certain that it wouldn't mess up my online data when I updated it. I opened the two files side-by-side (easily done in Windows 7, BTW) and immediately saw the difference. The old Gedcom was sorted by INDI (individual) while the new one is sorted alphabetically by last name. Why the change? Now there's no way without some third-party utility to compare the two files. Granted, the newer file makes it a lot easier to find a specific individual. But the old file let me scroll down to the end to see who I had added last, so I could make sure the individual numbers and the reference IDs matched. Remember, FTM hides the actual record number. This record number becomes the INDI number when the Gedcom is created. I have to assign this number as the Reference ID so I can spot any discrepancies that would mix up my online data. If these numbers ever don't match, then FTM changed the record number and my online individual numbers will change.

My next step is to backup my online data and import the new Gedcom to see if the links still point to the right people. Wish me luck.

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