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101 After his marriage he lived for a while in Aberlmarle Co. on the James River. He moved to Kentucky in 1792. Family F344
102 After Jean's death his legatee and brother, Pierre Latrobe, according to the will turned over furniture to his widow, Antoinette Darenes on 12 November 1612. Her son, Yzac Latrobe, farmer, was present In spite of his Christian name being the most important one in reference to the family tradition, Jean Latrobe was undoubtedly the youngest son of Jehan Latrobe and Gailharde Benoist, because in the two archive pieces (#108 dated 1601 - Jean-Pierre Benoist cited here should most probably be a first cousin - and #141 dated 1604) where he is named together with his brother, Pierre, he is coming as second. From the information available today, we have concluded that his father died when he was a very small boy, and that together with his mother and his brother, Pierre, he lived at his uncle Jehan Latrobe's house. Uncle Jehan Latrobe was the royal notary who introduced the new ideas of Protestantism into the family.

Consequently Jean was educated within the Protestant Religion. Jean spent his whole life in Monbéqui as a farmer, a traditional activity of many generations of his ancestors.

On 31 Oct 1612, Jean signed a will where he named his brother, Pierre, as his universal legatee (see #180). We now know the reason for that was that Jean had had no children. In his will, Jean declared he wanted to die as a Catholic and be buried in his ancestors' grave in Monbéqui. Therefore, apparently when death came nearer he changed his Religion from the one of his youth. To understand his change of religion, we have to resituate it within the general historical context and his own story.

By the end of Oct 1612, it is two and half years after Henri IV was assassinated by Ravaillac. As his son, Louis XIII, was then only 11 years old and therefore still too young, the royal power went into the hands of his widow, Marie de Medici, a strong Catholic, acting as regent of the kingdom. Fourteen years after the Edict of Nantes of 1598, the Henri IV's policy of tolerance was more or less forgotten, and the Catholic forces had taken advantage of the King's assassination to restart persecuting the Huguenots, a movement which finally led Louis XIII to order his army to besiege Montauban in 1621.

Of course the Montauban area, one of the few fortresses held by the Huguenots according to the Edict of Nantes, was deeply affected by this general tendency. Presumably Jean was impressed by the movement and ideas of the Counter-Reformation. He might have feared to be punished by God because of his Protestant faith, which was not even the one of his father, but that of his uncle. With the psychology of that time his change is quite understandable. 
Latrobe, Jean (I5535)
103 After the death of her husband Jane continued to operate the ferry over the Pamunkey river at Claiborne's. She married Stephen Bingham abt. 1758 and later Col. Francis West. Cole, Jane (I3888)
104 After the death of her husband, she moved to Kentucky. Preston, Lettice (I495)
105 After the death of his father, his mother contracted with Anthoine Balard, master baker of Mas-Granier, to have him teach her son, Anthoine Latrobe, to be a baker. Latrobe, Anthoine (I5627)
106 After the death of his sister and of his brother-in-law, Pierre Delbosc, became the legal guardian of his niece, Jehanne Latrobe, who, therefore, was still a minor at that time. Delbosc, Pierre Jr. (I5806)
107 After the marriage, they moved to Texas. Family F308
108 Age at Death: 66 Gibson, Tobias Jr. (I1072)
109 Age at Death: 92 Denny, William Eareckson Jr. (I23586)
110 Age: 49 Green, Joshua Royston (I14265)
111 Age: 51 Hynson, Charles (I8744)
112 Age: 61 Stooke, Audrey Katherine (I2786)
113 Age: 61 Jackson, Oslin Martin (I25343)
114 Age: 68 Gamble, Cary Breckinridge III (I615)
115 Age: 80 Jackson, Lawrence B. (I25345)
116 Age: 81 Parsons, Norman Charles (I1525)
117 Age: 81 Gardiner, Henry Hamilton (I3181)
118 Age: 83 Gamble, Edward Watts (I329)
119 Age: 88 Grabowski, Rose (I25361)
120 Agnes Hoey died of scarlet fever in Arthur C Hoey, Jr's arms at home at 524 Central Avenue, Harrison, NJ. She is believed to be buried in Cemetery in North Arlington, NJ. Hoey, Agnes (I9051)
121 Agnes Theresa Kennedy lived at Little Sisters of the Poor in Richmond, VA up until her death from pneumonia and diabetes. Kennedy, Agnes Theresa (I9046)
122 aka Aumale-d'Algerie Latrobe, Marthe (I6106)
123 aka Barmen, Prussia Coors, Adolph Herman Joseph (I5896)
124 aka Big Lick Carr, Maria Dabney (I475)
125 aka Big Lick Carr, Elizabeth Breckinridge (I477)
126 aka Big Lick Carr, William Watts (I479)
127 aka Big Lick Carr, Anne Holcombe (I480)
128 aka Browntown Chew, Louis Albert (I14459)
129 aka Crixeth Harris, William (I6584)
130 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. von Harpe, A.H.T. (I12)
131 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. von Harpe, U. (I13)
132 aka Dorpat, Livonia de La Trobe, John Henry (I1615)
133 aka Dorpat, Livonia von Wahl, Alexandra Elisabeth (I1791)
134 aka Dorpat, Livonia von Wahl, Leo (I5028)
135 aka Dorpat, Livonia von Bock, Alma (I6470)
136 aka Dorpat, Livonia von Wahl, Axel (I6478)
137 aka Dorpat, Livonia de La Trobe, Ellinor Wilhelmine Sophie (I6480)
138 aka Dorpat, Livonia de La Trobe, Alice (I6481)
139 aka Dorpat, Livonia von Wahl, Bertha (I6493)
140 aka Dorpat, Livonia von Wahl, Karl Herbert Nickolai (I6495)
141 aka Dorpat, Livonia de La Trobe, Margarethe Alexandra Julie (I6506)
142 aka Dorpat, Livonia von Wahl, Heinrich Anatol (I6510)
143 aka Dorpat, Livonia Latrobe, John Frederic (I6545)
144 aka Dorpat, Livonia de La Trobe, Mary Agnes (I7012)
145 aka Drummondtown Wise, Maj. Gen. Henry Alexander (I16360)
146 aka Dutch West Indies de Bretton, Baroness Anna Eliza Lucinda (I16451)
147 aka Dutch West Indies Combe, Charlotte Amelia (I19997)
148 aka Elizabeth City Co., VA Selden, John (I351)
149 aka Elizabeth City Co., VA Cary, Wilson (I5326)
150 aka Elizabeth City Co., VA Cary, Wilson (I5326)

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