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2751 Their daughter Margaret E. Thomas (1760- ) m. Robert H. Garrigues. Family F5040
2752 Their daughter was Ann Thomas Pleasants. Family F5038
2753 Their daughter was Elizabeth Hopkins m. Evan Hopkins. Family F5091
2754 Their daughter was Elizabeth Johns ( -1786) m. Warner Mifflin (1745-1798). Family F5157
2755 Their daughter was Jane Graham Tilghman (1820-1911) m. Dr. William Poyntell Johnston ( -1856), whose daughter was Rebecca Tilghman Johnston (1840-1925). Family F5141
2756 Their daughter was Margaret Coale (1775- ). Family F5092
2757 Their daughter was Mary Pierpont m. Richard Richardson, Jr. Family F4964
2758 Their daughter's son was named William Greene. Family F4932
2759 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1433
2760 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1429
2761 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F845
2762 Their son was Joseph Hopkins Worthington (1767-1838) m. Mary Johnson. Family F5097
2763 Theodore Freling Lausen Cook was unmarried. Cook, Theodore Freling Lausen (I6863)
2764 Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States, 25th Vice President of the United States, 33rd Governor of the State of New York, Spanish American War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, and a Nobel Peace Prize Recipient. Roosevelt, Pres. Theodore II (I189)
2765 Theophile Mazurkiewicz Grabowski is listed on the 1900 Census with her husband Joseph and his brother-in-law Albert Mazurkiwiez. It is assumed that Albert was her brother and shared the Mazurkiewicz surname. The corrected spelling comes from the Wisconsin Birth Index for her daughter, Stanislawa, where her name is spelled Teofila Mazurkiewicz.

On the same 1900 Census she is listed as being from Poland(Ger). Before WWI Poland was part of the Prussian Empire. 
Mazurkiewicz, Theophile (I25370)
2766 There is a Besse E. H. Reese, age 80, buried in Woodlands Cemetery in Philidelphia, PA, according to Dillingham, Besse Ebbs (I3817)
2767 There is a Guy Harrison Reese [1886-1949] buried in Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, MD, according to Reese, Guy Harrison (I25452)
2768 There is a Henry La Trobe Pigon who joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1914. He appears to be the same person since his next-of-kin is Margaret Emma La Trobe Foster Pigon, however he was born 7 Aug 1885 in Little Bredy. Perhaps he lied about his age as he would have been about 45, too old to enlist. The 1911 Census of Canada lists a Henry Pigon, born Aug 1869, who emmigrated from England in 1910. It's possible Henry died Mar 1945 in Kensington, London. Pigon, Henry La Trobe (I1747)
2769 There is a James E. Coppage [1835 - 18 Jan 1910] on Findagrave who is buried in Saint Georges Poplar Hill Episcopal Cemetery in Valley Lee, St. Mary's County, Maryland. That James is buried with his wife, Florence J. Bacon. Coppage, James Edward (I25378)
2770 There is a note on Mildred's 1922 passport application that states the divorce was filed with the Supreme Court of New York in Kings County. Family F17531
2771 There is a Philadelphia, PA death certificate for Phineas B. Earechson aged 33 years and 3 months and died on 26 May 1866. His parents are listed as Charles C. and Agnes C. and he is buried in Mount Moriah Cem. Family F5670
2772 There is a Robert Whitworth Claiborne who fought in the 6th North Carolina Regiment, C.S.A., died 26 Dec 1896, and was buried in Bryant Cem, Bryant, AR. Claiborne, Robert Whitworth (I7412)
2773 There is confusion as to the lineage of this Leonard. "Claiborne Pedigree" shows him to be descended through Thomas(5)-Leonard(4)-Thomas(3-2)-William(1). However, "Claiborne of Virginia" shows that to have a different spouse and none of the same descendants. Most other sources show Leonard's parents to be Jonas and Edith but Jonas' lineage is also unclear. Claiborne, Leonard (I7465)
2774 There is confusion as to whether she married Samuel Harris (1772-1846) who is said to have married Sarah Purviance (1770-1862). Provine, Sarah (I10691)
2775 There is no evidence at all that Jacques de Purviance or any of the Purviances were Huguenots other than the fact they resided for a period of time (about 80 years) in France and were forced to flee at the same time. In fact there is much to dispute that conclusion. Firstly, they were of Scottish, not French, origin. Scottish Protestants were primarily of the Presbyterian faith, which is the known religion of most of the Purviances (several were actually ministers of that denomination) who first settled in America. Secondly, few if any Huguenots fled to Ireland, which was still predominately Catholic. The Purviances went there (Castlefinn) because they had relatives established there who had emigrated to Ireland at around the same time Jon went to France. Thirdly, there is nothing passed down through any of the descendants (as there was in other Huguenot families) to indicate any Huguenot connections; no papers, documents, Bibles, or anything else. There is in truth only theory and family "legend" postulated on the date and place the family fled from to Ireland. It could be that he, his father, or grandfather (or all three) married into the Huguenot community and that he embraced the faith of his wife, mother, or grandmother. However there is no information at all available about either his wife, mother, grandmother or great grandmother, though the fact that he and his father both had French names indicates his grandfather (and father) probably married French girls. The only certainty about Jacques de Purviance however is that he was a Protestant of Scottish ancestry who lived and traded in France and was forced to flee at the same date as the Huguenots fled and that instead of going to England or America, as most Huguenots did, he instead joined relatives already living in Ireland. de Purviance, Jacques (I5407)
2776 There is no evidence that Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas and Ann, but the fact that she named her children after them suggests she was. Claiborne, Elizabeth (I16131)
2777 There is no record of any children of Philip Whitehead, however, the naming of William's son after Philip suggests this daughter belongs here. Whitehead, Elizabeth (I7962)
2778 There is only one citation of Domino Latrobe (see #14 of 1485), but he is mentioned together with Arnauld Latrobe and Jehanne Linas, so that we must imagine that they are brothers; and as he is the first mentioned, we must conclude that he was the oldest. As he was no longer mentioned at the marriage of his niece, Mondène, in 1501 (see #19), we believe that he was already dead at that time. Latrobe, Domino (I6810)
2779 There was a Charlotte A. Pigon who died Mar 1943 in Wharfedale, Yorkshire West Riding, England. Hyslop, Charlotte Agatha (I23772)
2780 There was a mistake in the spelling on his birth certificate, but his marriage and death certificates spell his surname as Latrobe. Latraube, Joseph (I9342)
2781 There was a second marriage contract dated 20 June 1626. Family F1818
2782 There was no mention of him in his father's will (#214 dated 1621), nor of his brothers still alive. Presumably he died before 1631, since he was not cited in the will of his sister, Loyse, in 1631 (see #246), or in the one of his brother, François, in 1634 (see #263). Latrobe, Pierre (I5944)
2783 There were four additional children of this marriage, but all died in infancy. Hazlehurst, Elizabeth McKim (I3243)
2784 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F762
2785 These date and/or lineage are suspect. Purviance, Rachel Ann (I11818)
2786 These dates and/or lineage are suspect. Purviance, Samuel (I10366)
2787 These dates and/or lineage are suspect. Carruthers, Sarah Purviance (I10377)
2788 These dates and/or lineage are suspect. Carruthers, William (I10381)
2789 These dates and/or lineage are suspect. Carruthers, Andrew (I10382)
2790 These dates and/or lineage is suspect. Purviance, Ulysses Grant (I10669)
2791 They had 1 child; mother and child died. Family F4358
2792 They had 1 son and 1 daughter. Family F3868
2793 They had 10 children. Family F5515
2794 They had 10 children. Family F5570
2795 They had 10 children: Mary Ann Worley (30 Oct 1867 - ) m. Levi James, Clara May Worley (13 Feb 1869 - 1938/9), Lorin Winfield Worley (12 Oct 1871 - 1 Feb 1941), William Francis Worley (15 Jun 1872 - 27 Feb 1954), Millie Worley (14 Jan 1874 - c.1928), Charles Walter Worley (12 Jul 1878 - 1887), Clarence Worley (12 Jul 1878 - 12 Jul 1878), Fannie Elizabeth Worley (9 Mar 1880 - ) m. Dick Gorman, Amelia Bell Worley (10 Jun 1882 - ), Jennie Agnes Worley (4 Aug 1884 - c.Jun 1971) m. Frank H. Blake. Family F5210
2796 They had 11 children. Family F4465
2797 They had 11 children: Emma Virginia Clark (29 May 1853 - ) m. Elias Pinkney Marlow, Oliver Bernard Clark (30 Aug 1856 - 6 Mar 1924) m. Mariam Agnes Stubbs, Alban Benjamin Clark (18 Mar 1858 - ), Charles Mason Clark (12 May 1860 - c.1936) m. Catherine C. Lamb, Mary Catherine Clark (22 Mar 1862 - ) m. James Benedict Fenwick, Rose Agnes Clark (7 May 1864 - c.1941), Clara Mahala Clark (24 May 1866 - c.1918), Louis Bouic Clark (6 Jul 1868 - ) m. Ellen Lee Wellmore, Frances Isabell Clark (18 Jan 1871 - ) m. James Herbert Cissel, Hanson Vincent Clark (31 Mar 1873 - 24 Oct 1898), Edward Berry Clark (12 Jun 1875 - 21 Jan 1947) m. Mary Mechtildes Hamilton. Family F5115
2798 They had 11 children: William Franklin Worley (25 Aug 1857 - ) m. May Bell Blevin, Mary Alice Worley ( 18 Sep 1859 - ) m. J.C. Grime, Robert Sylvester Worley (15 Dec 1862 - 8 Aug 1865), Lena Leota Worley (8 Aug 1866 - 22 Jan 1918), James Alfred Worley (1 Apr 1870 - ) m. Blanche F. Brattie, Bert Leroy Worley (2 Aug 1872 - ) m. Cora B. Van Anken, Maggie May Worley (2 Oct 1874 - 28 Apr 1892) m. James McCarnock, Lewis Martin Worley (8 Nov 1878 - ), Susan Worley (10 Sep 1881 - ), Lavalla Worley (10 Apr 1887 - 23 Jan 1909). Family F5209
2799 They had 12 children: Augusta A. Clark (Dec 1839 - 2 Feb 1918) m. John E. Turner, Rachel V. Clark (1843- ), Henrietta L. Clark (1844- ), Charles H. Clark (1846- ), Ann M. Clark (1848- ), William L. Clark (Sep 1849 - ), Lemuel Clark (1851- ), Marian Clark (1853 - ), Richard Clark (1855- ), Edmund Clark (1856- ), J. Harding Clark (1858 - ) m. Emma J. White, Lillian A. Clark (1861- ). Family F5112
2800 They had 13 children. Family F5378

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