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2851 They lived in Monbéqui, France. Family F2298
2852 They lived in Petersburg, VA. Family F614
2853 They lived in Versailles, KY. Family F612
2854 They may have been married 4 Feb 1864. Family F4361
2855 They may have married on 2 Oct 1811. Family F4134
2856 They settled in Springfield, Augusta Co., Virginia. Family F2290
2857 They were 1st cousins. Family F2834
2858 They were 1st cousins. Family F5139
2859 They were 2nd cousins. Family F5580
2860 They were cousins. Family F1140
2861 They were first cousins. Family F5727
2862 They were half-1st cousins. Family F5200
2863 They were married as Protestants. Family F1470
2864 They were married at Church of the Redeemer. Family F654
2865 They were married at Emmanuel Church. Family F798
2866 They were married at her father's house in Philadelphia, PA by the Right Reverend Dr. White, the Episcopal Bishop.

While Benjamin Henry Latrobe was working on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal in 1805, the family was living in Wilmington, Delaware. They had a nurse, maid and housekeeper, Catherine McCausland, who was called 'Kitty'. They moved to a small log house on Ironhill near Elkton, MD for July, August and September 1805 as the children were subject to 'summer complaint' - dysentery which at that time was very frequently fatal. The house was near the canal where they could see both the Chesapeake Bay and the Delaware River 20 miles apart.

On Christmas Eve, 1815 the Latrobe family was living in Washington when there was a sudden tragedy - the accidental death of the loyal Kitty McCausland. Benjamin Henry, Mary and Julia had gone off to church, leaving the two boys and Kitty alone in the house. The boys were upstairs when suddenly they heard a scream from below; they rushed to the kitchen and found Kitty moaning in a chair by the fire, all her clothes burned off and their remains still smoking on the floor. They rushed for help from a neighbor who helped to get her upstairs and into bed and gave her what crude first aid they could as the others returned, but it was too late and she died that evening. She had been with the family for thirteen years, and this was a grievous loss to all the family. 
Family F2
2867 They were married at St. Peters Protestant Episcopal Church. Family F194
2868 They were married at the Calvert Street University Church in Baltimore, MD. Family F675
2869 They were married at the Church of Our Savior where her husband was the rector. Family F6
2870 They were married at The Collegiate College of New York by Rev. Oliver Paul Barnhill. She was called, "Nennie". Family F682
2871 They were married at the High Dutch Reformed Church of Whitemarsh near Harrisburg, PA. Family F404
2872 They were married at the Madison Avenue M. E. Church by Rev. Lucien Clark. Family F685
2873 They were married at their home at 3 Upland Road in Baltimore, MD. Family F193
2874 They were married by a Lutheran clergyman. Family F2736
2875 They were married by Rev. B. W. Bond. Family F681
2876 They were married by Rev. Benajmin Henry Latrobe, Jr. Family F76
2877 They were married by Rev. George Cooper. Family F679
2878 They were married by Rev. Mr. Lindsley at "Brierfield", West Virginia. Family F292
2879 They were married by Rev. William McGuire. Family F294
2880 They were married by Reverend Mr. McCormick, rector of Christ Church, Washington Parish. Attending were the Latrobe family, Mrs. Dolley Madison, a friend of Lydia's, Miss Eleanor Brent, Captain Tingey and James Eakin. President Madison was too ill to attend. Family F134
2881 They were married during World War I. Family F2620
2882 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F3627
2883 They were married in Ste. Escarietes Parish of Villemur. Present at the nuptial blessing were Toine Constans and François Malpel. First Vicar Benech. Family F199
2884 They were married in the home of Sarah's sister, Ann Selden, Mrs. James Breckinridge. Family F2255
2885 They were married on 24 May 1893 at the county of Gloucester, England in the parish church of Horfield, Bristol. Before the marriage Alice was a spinster and lived at 24 Oak Road in Horfield. Thomas Dibbins lived at 346 Gloucester Road in Horfield. The marriage certificate listed Alice La Trobe's age as 23 and that she was a daughter of Henry La Trobe who was a farmer. (He was listed as a Chemist and Cocoa manufacturer in the Census of 1891). The mother's name was not mentioned. The husband, Thomas Robert John Dibbins was listed as age 23, a bachelor and a commercial traveller. His father was listed as Richard Hunt Dibbins, builder, but his mother's name was not listed. Apparently Alice broke with her Moravian family to marry in the Church of England. Her witness was Louisa Mary Emily Dibbins (a relative of the bridegroom). Alice remained in touch with her sister, Ethel La Trobe, whom Colin Lewis remembers. Family F2694
2886 This birthdate and/or lineage is suspect. Purviance, Isaac (I10832)
2887 This birthdate and/or lineage is suspect. Purviance, Mary D. (I10833)
2888 This birthdate and/or lineage is suspect. Fleming, David I. P. (I10970)
2889 This birthdate and/or lineage is suspect. Bone, Mary Elizabeth (I11610)
2890 This birthdate and/or lineage is suspect. Porterfield, Thomas L. (I12109)
2891 This birthdate and/or lineage is suspect. Porterfield, Marquis (I12110)
2892 This birthdate and/or lineage is suspect. Porterfield, George W. (I12111)
2893 This birthdate is suspect. Carruthers, Robert (I10888)
2894 This birthdate is suspect. Ireland, Martha S. (I12007)
2895 This birthdate is suspect. Ireland, Hilanda (I12008)
2896 This birthdate is suspect. Ireland, Warren (I12013)
2897 This birthdate is suspect. Ireland, James Fielding (I12132)
2898 This birthdate is suspect. Ireland, Charles William (I12133)
2899 This birthdate is suspect. Ireland, John F. I. H. (I12169)
2900 This birthdate is suspect. Ireland, Margaret J. (I12170)

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