Arkansas, USA



Latitude: 34.75, Longitude: -90.8083


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ash, Frederick Clarence  11 Oct 1891Arkansas, USA I24834
2 Becket, Eliza  Abt 1838Arkansas, USA I20326
3 Benbrook, Sarah Ethel  28 Apr 1888Arkansas, USA I22722
4 Carder, Olaf V.  23 Jun 1912Arkansas, USA I23542
5 Claiborne, Algernon Sidney  17 Dec 1857Arkansas, USA I22688
6 Claiborne, A.   I23271
7 Claiborne, Augusta  29 Sep 1884Arkansas, USA I22690
8 Claiborne, Caroline  Abt 1854Arkansas, USA I23229
9 Claiborne, Chester  1907Arkansas, USA I23335
10 Claiborne, David C.  Abt 1868Arkansas, USA I23230
11 Claiborne, Devreaux Jarratt  1862Arkansas, USA I22712
12 Claiborne, Edgar  1903Arkansas, USA I23333
13 Claiborne, Ella Eugenia  11 Jul 1864Arkansas, USA I22705
14 Claiborne, Ernest  1908Arkansas, USA I23336
15 Claiborne, F.   I23272
16 Claiborne, Frances A.  May 1896Arkansas, USA I23274
17 Claiborne, Frances E.  15 Mar 1873Arkansas, USA I22709
18 Claiborne, Frances Elizabeth  20 Mar 1892Arkansas, USA I22697
19 Claiborne, Gail Demalee  1 Apr 1928Arkansas, USA I22729
20 Claiborne, Georgia  Nov 1883Arkansas, USA I22715
21 Claiborne, James Armstrong Jr.  Feb 1872Arkansas, USA I22707
22 Claiborne, Jeffie D.  Oct 1889Arkansas, USA I22696
23 Claiborne, Louisa  1873Arkansas, USA I23298
24 Claiborne, Lucy  Abt 1875Arkansas, USA I23270
25 Claiborne, Martha  1875Arkansas, USA I23299
26 Claiborne, Martha Alexandrina  21 Feb 1859Arkansas, USA I22702
27 Claiborne, Mary  1871Arkansas, USA I23297
28 Claiborne, Massie  1868Arkansas, USA I23296
29 Claiborne, Mildred  Sep 1896Arkansas, USA I23358
30 Claiborne, Newton Pauline  May 1896Arkansas, USA I22700
31 Claiborne, Ola  Dec 1889Arkansas, USA I7454
32 Claiborne, Robert Loyd  21 Apr 1916Arkansas, USA I22727
33 Claiborne, Sidney Anne  Mar 1894Arkansas, USA I22699
34 Claiborne, Thomas Burnell  Mar 1867Arkansas, USA I22713
35 Claiborne, Walter Thomas  20 Mar 1894Arkansas, USA I23273
36 Conrad, Alpheus  Apr 1886Arkansas, USA I23282
37 Conrad, Anna Key  Jun 1895Arkansas, USA I23285
38 Conrad, Frances E.  Jul 1899Arkansas, USA I23389
39 Conrad, Frances Margaret  Jun 1890Arkansas, USA I23283
40 Conrad, James  Nov 1887Arkansas, USA I23385
41 Conrad, John C.  Jul 1879Arkansas, USA I23382
42 Conrad, Joseph  Aug 1881Arkansas, USA I23383
43 Conrad, Marshal R.  May 1894Arkansas, USA I23388
44 Conrad, Mary E.  Dec 1885Arkansas, USA I23384
45 Conrad, Polly  Feb 1892Arkansas, USA I23387
46 Conrad, Robert Austin G.  Dec 1892Arkansas, USA I23284
47 Conrad, Thomas  Feb 1892Arkansas, USA I23386
48 Davies, Harriett Booker  27 Feb 1874Arkansas, USA I24826
49 Davis, Alva S.  11 Jan 1890Arkansas, USA I22698
50 DuVal, Ann E.  1868Arkansas, USA I25094

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Craighead, Mary Jane  1849Arkansas, USA I795
2 DuVal, Sarah Frances  9 Dec 1946Arkansas, USA I24763
3 Withers, Lawson  Arkansas, USA I22034
4 Withers, Philip Woodson  Arkansas, USA I22033


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lived    Person ID 
1 Johnson, R. W.  Arkansas, USA I4841


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carder / Claiborne  1908Arkansas, USA F8660
2 Claiborne / Engle  1883Arkansas, USA F8666
3 Lipscomb / Becket  5 Apr 1860Arkansas, USA F7433
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