Botetourt, Virginia, USA



Latitude: 37.5517, Longitude: -79.8045


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anthony, Julia  2 Jan 1832Botetourt, Virginia, USA I489
2 Bowyer, Woodville  1837Botetourt, Virginia, USA I421
3 Breckinridge, Anne Anthony  25 Oct 1860Botetourt, Virginia, USA I490
4 Breckinridge, Annie Fitzhugh  Jun 1885Botetourt, Virginia, USA I577
5 Breckinridge, Cary Jr.  5 Oct 1839Botetourt, Virginia, USA I407
6 Breckinridge, James  1 Sep 1837Botetourt, Virginia, USA I406
7 Breckinridge, Peachy Gilmer  5 Sep 1835Botetourt, Virginia, USA I405
8 Breckinridge, Preston  17 Mar 1770Botetourt, Virginia, USA I504
9 Breckinridge, Robert  12 May 1802Botetourt, Virginia, USA I342
10 Burwell, William M.  1 Nov 1809Botetourt, Virginia, USA I5468
11 Friend, Judith  1733Botetourt, Virginia, USA I18050
12 Gamble, Cary Breckinridge  30 Sep 1828Botetourt, Virginia, USA I328
13 Madison, William S.  Botetourt, Virginia, USA I863
14 Smith, Susanna  1775Botetourt, Virginia, USA I532
15 Wills, Margaret Josephine  21 Jul 1881Botetourt, Virginia, USA I20946
16 Wilson, Damaris Jane Ferguson  30 Jan 1847Botetourt, Virginia, USA I20682
17 Wilson, Emmeline S. B.  Abt 1846Botetourt, Virginia, USA I20711


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Breckinridge, Anne Anthony  16 Jun 1861Botetourt, Virginia, USA I490


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anthony, Julia  10 Apr 1917Botetourt, Virginia, USA I489
2 Bowyer, Mary Ann  1 Apr 1857Botetourt, Virginia, USA I418
3 Bowyer, Mary Susan  2 Dec 1825Botetourt, Virginia, USA I417
4 Breckinridge, Julia Gilmer  21 Jul 1935Botetourt, Virginia, USA I575
5 Patton, Elizabeth  25 Dec 1776Botetourt, Virginia, USA I497
6 Poage, Mary  1757Botetourt, Virginia, USA I724
7 Poage, Robert Jr.  1788Botetourt, Virginia, USA I4863
8 Preston, John  27 Mar 1827Botetourt, Virginia, USA I517


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lived    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Allen  Botetourt, Virginia, USA I4834


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Adams, Sarah Ann  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I17326
2 Breckinridge, Cary Jr.  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I407
3 Breckinridge, Cary  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I338
4 Breckinridge, Eliza Watts  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I408
5 Breckinridge, Emma  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I412
6 Breckinridge, George William  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I413
7 Breckinridge, James  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I406
8 Breckinridge, John Harmer  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I411
9 Breckinridge, Lucy Gilmer  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I410
10 Breckinridge, Mary Ann  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I404
11 Breckinridge, Peachy Gilmer  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I405
12 Claiborne, Mary Elizabeth  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I3983
13 Gilmer, Emma Walker  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I403
14 Scott, Charles  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I17325
15 Scott, Susan Leigh  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I17324
16 Wilson, Emmeline S. B.  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I20711
17 Wilson, James B.  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I7701
18 Wilson, James Breckinridge  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I7691
19 Wilson, John Thomas Jr.  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I7690
20 Wilson, Mary Edmundson  1850Botetourt, Virginia, USA I20715


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Frederick / Wilson  22 Nov 1870Botetourt, Virginia, USA F7603
2 Trigg / Smith  18 Aug 1788Botetourt, Virginia, USA F370
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