Fayette, Kentucky, USA



Latitude: 38.0427, Longitude: -84.4595


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bowman, John  13 Jan 1787Fayette, Kentucky, USA I19015
2 Breckinridge, John Jr.  4 Jul 1797Fayette, Kentucky, USA I558
3 Breckinridge, Mary Cabell  6 Apr 1829Fayette, Kentucky, USA I734
4 Breckinridge, Mary Campbell  12 Oct 1826Fayette, Kentucky, USA I720
5 Breckinridge, Sophonisba P.  26 Aug 1839Fayette, Kentucky, USA I741
6 Breckinridge, William Lewis Jr.  12 Nov 1832Fayette, Kentucky, USA I755
7 Bullock, Joseph James  23 Dec 1812Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1165
8 Dudley, Ambrose Simeon  27 Jan 1789Fayette, Kentucky, USA I24045
9 Grayson, John Breckinridge  18 Oct 1806Fayette, Kentucky, USA I704
10 Hart, David Perry  5 Jan 1814Fayette, Kentucky, USA I7992
11 McCubbing, Willie  13 Apr 1898Fayette, Kentucky, USA I24703
12 Warfield, William  30 May 1827Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1202


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Breckinridge, Elizabeth  3 Jul 1838Fayette, Kentucky, USA I505
2 Breckinridge, Elizabeth B.  1848Fayette, Kentucky, USA I546
3 Breckinridge, John Jr.  4 Aug 1841Fayette, Kentucky, USA I558
4 Breckinridge, Orlando  5 Sep 1833Fayette, Kentucky, USA I4894
5 Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson  10 Jul 1944Fayette, Kentucky, USA I20029
6 Bullock, Cabell Breckinridge  26 Jan 1932Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1168
7 Calvin, Andrew H.  1889Fayette, Kentucky, USA I700
8 Conyers, Anne Holland  11 Jan 1806Fayette, Kentucky, USA I6013
9 Frazer, Elizabeth Fox  10 May 1873Fayette, Kentucky, USA I16993
10 Howard, Elizabeth  21 May 1820Fayette, Kentucky, USA I538
11 Mentelle, Marie R.  22 Feb 1891Fayette, Kentucky, USA I20016
12 Payne, Edward  17 May 1806Fayette, Kentucky, USA I6012
13 Payne, Edward Conyers  13 Jul 1844Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1000
14 Price, Anne  30 Sep 1830Fayette, Kentucky, USA I24739


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Breckinridge, Caroline Laurene  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I711
2 Breckinridge, Charles H.  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I743
3 Breckinridge, Joseph Cabell  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I742
4 Breckinridge, Marie L. P.  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I738
5 Breckinridge, Nathaniel Hart  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I746
6 Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson Jr.  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I737
7 Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I559
8 Breckinridge, Sally Campbell  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I736
9 Breckinridge, Sophonisba P.  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I741
10 Breckinridge, Virginia Hart  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I745
11 Breckinridge, William Campbell Preston  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I739
12 Bullock, Cabell Breckinridge  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1168
13 Bullock, John M.  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1171
14 Bullock, Joseph James Jr.  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1169
15 Bullock, Joseph James  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1165
16 Bullock, Letitia B.  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1170
17 Bullock, Mary S.  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1167
18 Bullock, Waller  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1166
19 Dallam, Frances P.  1900Fayette, Kentucky, USA I778
20 Gibson, Nathaniel Hart  1860Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1070
21 Hart, Virginia  1850Fayette, Kentucky, USA I744
22 Peter, Arthur  1900Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1290
23 Peter, Benjamin D.  1900Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1285
24 Peter, Hugh  1900Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1291
25 Peter, Johanna D.  1900Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1287
26 Peter, Letitia D.  1900Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1282
27 Peter, Sarah H.  1900Fayette, Kentucky, USA I1289


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Hart, Thomas Jr.  Jul 1809Fayette, Kentucky, USA I694


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Breckinridge / Prevost  10 May 1824Fayette, Kentucky, USA F391
2 Breckinridge / Russell  9 Jan 1820Fayette, Kentucky, USA F406
3 Calvin / Breckinridge  1837Fayette, Kentucky, USA F378
4 Castleman / Breckinridge  2 Jan 1811Fayette, Kentucky, USA F385
5 Clay / Mentelle  5 Oct 1837Fayette, Kentucky, USA F623
6 Crittenden / Parker  16 Sep 1813Fayette, Kentucky, USA F575
7 Frazer / Sullivan  11 Jan 1849Fayette, Kentucky, USA F6225
8 Tarleton / Breckinridge  14 Jan 1819Fayette, Kentucky, USA F407
9 Tarleton / Tarleton  19 Sep 1848Fayette, Kentucky, USA F467
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