Franklin, Virginia, USA



Latitude: 36.9932, Longitude: -79.8808


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Batsche, Ann Elizabeth  1843Franklin, Virginia, USA I21617
2 Becker, Lewis  Abt 1815Franklin, Virginia, USA I21547
3 Becker, Mary Louise  4 Apr 1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I21620
4 Becker, Thomas H. S.  24 Dec 1848Franklin, Virginia, USA I21618
5 Becker, William L.  8 Aug 1883Franklin, Virginia, USA I25230
6 Becker, William Lewis  11 May 1854Franklin, Virginia, USA I21624
7 Brown, Bowling Clark  1841Franklin, Virginia, USA I21538
8 Brown, Della Cutler  12 Aug 1889Franklin, Virginia, USA I21611
9 Brown, Elizabeth Henry  15 Jul 1895Franklin, Virginia, USA I21615
10 Brown, Frederick Rives  1 Jul 1813Franklin, Virginia, USA I21534
11 Brown, Lillian Anselm  17 Aug 1883Franklin, Virginia, USA I21601
12 Brown, Mabel Spottswood  14 Dec 1884Franklin, Virginia, USA I21605
13 Brown, Micajah M.  Apr 1848Franklin, Virginia, USA I21541
14 Brown, Richard Carlisle  2 Jan 1887Franklin, Virginia, USA I21609
15 Brown, Richard Spotswood Anselm Clark  4 Apr 1851Franklin, Virginia, USA I21543
16 Brown, Roslyn Clark  9 Jan 1881Franklin, Virginia, USA I21599
17 Burwell, John P.  Abt 1857Franklin, Virginia, USA I21652
18 Claiborne, James Robert  5 Aug 1839Franklin, Virginia, USA I3990
19 Claiborne, Mary Elizabeth  25 May 1824Franklin, Virginia, USA I3983
20 Claiborne, Nathaniel Charles Cole  15 Feb 1822Franklin, Virginia, USA I3982
21 Claiborne, Thomas Binford  21 Feb 1833Franklin, Virginia, USA I3987
22 Claiborne, Virginia  5 Sep 1853Franklin, Virginia, USA I7682
23 Clement, Charles Johnson  5 Jul 1824Franklin, Virginia, USA I21562
24 Clement, Ralph Alexander  3 Feb 1817Franklin, Virginia, USA I21553
25 Davis, William Henry  15 Apr 1881Franklin, Virginia, USA I21606
26 DeWitt, William Elisha  10 Apr 1857Franklin, Virginia, USA I21644
27 Dickinson, Caroline  Abt 1838Franklin, Virginia, USA I21561
28 Finney, Caroline Matilda  Oct 1843Franklin, Virginia, USA I21539
29 Frith, Fannie M.  Abt 1848Franklin, Virginia, USA I21575
30 Greer, Thomas Bailey  10 Feb 1827Franklin, Virginia, USA I7708
31 Johnson, Anna L.  Abt 1864Franklin, Virginia, USA I21676
32 Otey, Lula Leigh  17 Jun 1852Franklin, Virginia, USA I7699
33 Pinckard, Mary A.  Abt 1863Franklin, Virginia, USA I21630
34 Saunders, Sallie Willie  23 Dec 1860Franklin, Virginia, USA I22487
35 Shelton, Elizabeth H.  1834Franklin, Virginia, USA I21598
36 Stockton, Peter C.  Abt 1853Franklin, Virginia, USA I21629
37 Walker, Charlotte C.  Abt 1859Franklin, Virginia, USA I21672
38 Walker, Ellen L.  Abt 1862Franklin, Virginia, USA I21653
39 Walker, Martha Lucy  13 Apr 1888Franklin, Virginia, USA I21610
40 White, Virginia F.  Abt 1855Franklin, Virginia, USA I21542
41 Young, Gillie Shelton  28 Apr 1855Franklin, Virginia, USA I21544


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Becker, Lewis  28 Aug 1887Franklin, Virginia, USA I21547
2 Becker, William L.  9 Jul 1884Franklin, Virginia, USA I25230
3 Brown, Richard Spotswood Anselm Clark  15 Oct 1907Franklin, Virginia, USA I21543
4 Brown, Sarah P.  Jun 1866Franklin, Virginia, USA I21527
5 Brown, Tarlton W.  1861Franklin, Virginia, USA I21535
6 Claiborne, Nathaniel Herbert  15 Aug 1859Franklin, Virginia, USA I3907
7 Clay, William  6 Jul 1812Franklin, Virginia, USA I16429
8 Clement, Ralph Alexander  25 Feb 1860Franklin, Virginia, USA I21553
9 DeWitt, William Elisha  5 Aug 1857Franklin, Virginia, USA I21644
10 Finney, Zachariah  Dec 1860Franklin, Virginia, USA I21528
11 Greer, Thomas Bailey  26 Dec 1891Franklin, Virginia, USA I7708
12 Keen, Mary Ann  27 Jul 1857Franklin, Virginia, USA I21550
13 Lovelace, Robert Augustus  25 Jun 1929Franklin, Virginia, USA I22488
14 Napier, Susannah  1805Franklin, Virginia, USA I21518
15 Saunders, Sallie Willie  7 Aug 1921Franklin, Virginia, USA I22487
16 Smith, Stella Johnson  9 Aug 1833Franklin, Virginia, USA I21658


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Becker, Lewis  1887Franklin, Virginia, USA I21547
2 Becker, Richard Pleasant  1889Franklin, Virginia, USA I21619
3 Becker, William L.  1884Franklin, Virginia, USA I25230
4 Brown, Mabel Spottswood  1948Franklin, Virginia, USA I21605
5 Davis, William Henry  1962Franklin, Virginia, USA I21606
6 DeWitt, James Henry  1931Franklin, Virginia, USA I21641
7 DeWitt, William Elisha  1857Franklin, Virginia, USA I21644
8 Doode, Florence  1925Franklin, Virginia, USA I21642
9 Keen, Mary Ann  1857Franklin, Virginia, USA I21550


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Finney, Sanford R.  Abt 1837Franklin, Virginia, USA I21568


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Claiborne, Thomas Binford  Franklin, Virginia, USA I3987


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Binford, Elizabeth Archer  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I3916
2 Binford, Elizabeth Archer  1860Franklin, Virginia, USA I3916
3 Brown, Bowling Clark  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I21538
4 Brown, Elizabeth Cheadle  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I21533
5 Brown, Mary Ann  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I21536
6 Brown, Micajah M.  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I21541
7 Brown, Samuel P. G.  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I21540
8 Brown, Tarlton W.  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I21535
9 Claiborne, Ann  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I3986
10 Claiborne, Catharine  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I23295
11 Claiborne, Elizabeth Herbert  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I3985
12 Claiborne, Ferdinand Leigh  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I3979
13 Claiborne, James Robert  1860Franklin, Virginia, USA I3990
14 Claiborne, Josephine Hortense Eugenia  1860Franklin, Virginia, USA I7715
15 Claiborne, Nathaniel Herbert  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I3907
16 Claiborne, Thomas Binford  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I3987
17 Moorman, Lucy C.  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I21520
18 Taliaferro, Emily L.  1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I3980


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Becker / Tatum  20 May 1880Franklin, Virginia, USA F17414
2 Becker / Wade  11 Mar 1875Franklin, Virginia, USA F17413
3 Claiborne / Bradley  17 Dec 1868Franklin, Virginia, USA F1791
4 Lovelace / Saunders  25 May 1882Franklin, Virginia, USA F8581
5 Pinckard / Brown  3 Sep 1914Franklin, Virginia, USA F8040
6 Saunders / Claiborne  21 Dec 1850Franklin, Virginia, USA F8566
7 Wilson / Claiborne  7 Jun 1837Franklin, Virginia, USA F1785
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