Gloucester, New Jersey, USA



Latitude: 39.7149, Longitude: -75.1401


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chew, Adelaide M.  15 Sep 1844Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14451
2 Chew, Amy  Abt 1735Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15189
3 Chew, Ann  Abt 1745Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14332
4 Chew, Arthur H.  1826Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14642
5 Chew, Asa Smith  1 Dec 1809Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14430
6 Chew, Ashton Brooks  22 Sep 1859Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14968
7 Chew, Barthilea  Abt 1745Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15192
8 Chew, Benjamin F.  30 Sep 1862Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14899
9 Chew, Burrows Walter  21 Apr 1824Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14435
10 Chew, Charles  24 Nov 1858Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14974
11 Chew, Daniel C.  17 Oct 1843Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14882
12 Chew, David  Abt 1744Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I13421
13 Chew, Edward T.  28 Sep 1828Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14878
14 Chew, Elijah  22 Apr 1790Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14425
15 Chew, Elisha Dunham  25 Oct 1785Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14421
16 Chew, Elizabeth  Abt 1695Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14311
17 Chew, Elizabeth  Abt 1705Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14314
18 Chew, Elizabeth  22 Dec 1764Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14402
19 Chew, Elizabeth  Abt 1786Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15082
20 Chew, Ezekial Cooper  17 Jan 1822Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14516
21 Chew, George K.  26 May 1833Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14880
22 Chew, Hannah  Abt 1715Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15186
23 Chew, James Stiles  16 Dec 1816Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14433
24 Chew, Jeffery  10 Jan 1714Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I13420
25 Chew, Jeffery  Abt 1770Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I13422
26 Chew, Jesse  25 Nov 1738Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14330
27 Chew, Jesse  12 Nov 1773Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14405
28 Chew, Jesse C.  3 Sep 1788Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14424
29 Chew, Jonathan  1795Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15084
30 Chew, Joseph  Abt 1712Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14317
31 Chew, Joseph  Abt 1770Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14340
32 Chew, Kesiah S.  22 Nov 1808Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14814
33 Chew, Keziah  23 Mar 1831Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14879
34 Chew, Maggie  5 Mar 1867Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15154
35 Chew, Margaret C.  5 May 1839Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14881
36 Chew, Margaret Gildea  21 Feb 1863Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14977
37 Chew, Mary Ann  Abt 1810Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14815
38 Chew, Mary C.  3 Oct 1854Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14733
39 Chew, Mercy  Abt 1718Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14319
40 Chew, Michael  Abt 1710Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15184
41 Chew, Nathan  24 Nov 1796Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14427
42 Chew, Nathaniel Jr.  Abt 1716Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14318
43 Chew, Nathaniel  Abt 1765Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14403
44 Chew, Nathaniel Jr.  10 Nov 1786Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14422
45 Chew, Nathaniel C.  29 Apr 1799Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14930
46 Chew, Priscilla  Abt 1719Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14320
47 Chew, Rachel E.  1 Feb 1859Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14975
48 Chew, Rebecca L.  18 Jan 1857Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14734
49 Chew, Richard  Abt 1710Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14316
50 Chew, Samuel  Abt 1740Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14331

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chew, Andrew S.  13 Jul 1866Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14423
2 Chew, Charles  Abt 1859Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14974
3 Chew, Elizabeth  16 Nov 1836Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15082
4 Chew, Elizabeth A.  20 Sep 1924Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14971
5 Chew, Hiram James  2 Oct 1924Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14886
6 Chew, Jeffery  10 Apr 1774Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I13420
7 Chew, Jeffery  30 Mar 1824Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I13422
8 Chew, Jesse  8 Mar 1812Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14405
9 Chew, Jesse C.  10 Jul 1885Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14735
10 Chew, Job Kinsey  12 Aug 1873Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14812
11 Chew, John  12 Nov 1772Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15119
12 Chew, Louisa  26 Oct 1856Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14972
13 Chew, Martha D.  27 Aug 1888Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14706
14 Chew, Mary  6 Oct 1851Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14407
15 Chew, Nathaniel  14 Sep 1731Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I13419
16 Chew, Rachel E.  12 Feb 1859Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14975
17 Chew, Rebecca L.  20 Sep 1901Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14734
18 Chew, Richard  29 Mar 1814Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15125
19 Chew, Sarah  10 Aug 1771Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14329
20 Chew, Sarah Emma  28 Jan 1942Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14978
21 Chew, William Elwood  24 Feb 1878Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14979
22 Dilks, John  20 Jan 1771Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15208
23 Driver, Amy  3 Nov 1773Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14326
24 Driver, Jane  30 Nov 1866Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14741
25 Sneathen, Nathaniel C.  Abt Nov 1907Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I14670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Chew, Richard  1857Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15139
2 Chew, William  1881Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15134
3 Stanger, Margaret  1866Gloucester, New Jersey, USA I15135


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chew / Abbott  27 Dec 1832Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5390
2 Chew / Driver  15 Sep 1732Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5000
3 Chew / Heritage  8 Dec 1808Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5337
4 Chew / Heritage  30 Nov 1837Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5344
5 Chew / Holt  13 Dec 1742Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5301
6 Chew / Kinsey  Abt 1796Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5333
7 Chew / Pierce  13 Oct 1826Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5388
8 Chew / Smith  24 Nov 1780Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5310
9 Chew / Springer  Abt 1784Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5331
10 Chew / Turner  26 Aug 1765Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5307
11 Chew / West  Abt 1812Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5338
12 Chew / Wolf  1 Dec 1790Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5312
13 Chew / Young  13 Jun 1853Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5393
14 Dilks / Chew  16 Jan 1733Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5511
15 Downs / Chew  28 Dec 1873Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5408
16 Lord / Chew  7 Mar 1833Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5403
17 Sneathen / Chew  25 Aug 1826Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5389
18 Stiles / Chew  2 Apr 1783Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5330
19 Turner / Chew  11 Dec 1828Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5424
20 Wilson / Chew  1 Dec 1756Gloucester, New Jersey, USA F5304
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