Howard, Maryland, USA



Latitude: 39.2492, Longitude: -76.9344


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dorsey, Philemon  20 Jan 1715Howard, Maryland, USA I16012
2 Thomas, Ellen Dall  28 Jan 1818Howard, Maryland, USA I3240
3 Thomas, Mary Ann  11 Oct 1825Howard, Maryland, USA I3213


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Davis, Caleb Dorsey  4 Sep 1850Howard, Maryland, USA I13252
2 Dorsey, Achsah Riggs  18 Oct 1895Howard, Maryland, USA I13237
3 Dorsey, Caleb  29 Oct 1861Howard, Maryland, USA I21186
4 Dorsey, Caleb T.  17 Sep 1879Howard, Maryland, USA I13311
5 Dorsey, Maria Louisa  30 Mar 1891Howard, Maryland, USA I13310
6 Dorsey, Reuben Meriweather  22 Nov 1880Howard, Maryland, USA I13262
7 Dorsey, Thomas Beale  26 Dec 1855Howard, Maryland, USA I13809
8 Frost, William  12 Oct 1880Howard, Maryland, USA I13255
9 Gorman, Arthur Pue  4 Jun 1906Howard, Maryland, USA I13281
10 Riggs, Caroline Eleanor  13 Apr 1877Howard, Maryland, USA I21185


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brown, Charles E.  1850Howard, Maryland, USA I13286
2 Brown, Charles E.  1880Howard, Maryland, USA I13286
3 Brown, Charles R.  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I23832
4 Brown, Francis DeSales  1880Howard, Maryland, USA I13287
5 Brown, George Henry  1850Howard, Maryland, USA I13284
6 Brown, George Henry  1880Howard, Maryland, USA I13284
7 Brown, Gustavus Warfield  1850Howard, Maryland, USA I23829
8 Brown, Gustavus Warfield  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I23829
9 Brown, Irene L.  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I23835
10 Brown, Josephine P.  1850Howard, Maryland, USA I13288
11 Brown, Josephine P.  1880Howard, Maryland, USA I13288
12 Brown, Katie A.  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I23834
13 Brown, Louisa Warfield  1850Howard, Maryland, USA I13231
14 Brown, Mary E.  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I23833
15 Brown, Mary Ida  1880Howard, Maryland, USA I13289
16 Brown, Roger  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I23837
17 Brown, Samuel  1850Howard, Maryland, USA I13249
18 Brown, Samuel  1880Howard, Maryland, USA I13249
19 Brown, Samuel Thomas  1850Howard, Maryland, USA I13285
20 Brown, Thomas J.  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I23836
21 Brown, William H.  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I23831
22 Davis, Eliza Ann  1850Howard, Maryland, USA I23855
23 Davis, Thomas Beall  1850Howard, Maryland, USA I13273
24 Donagan, Hannah  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I13293
25 Gassaway, Sarah Griffith  1850Howard, Maryland, USA I6950
26 Gorman, Ada P.  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I13297
27 Gorman, Arthur Pue Jr.  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I13294
28 Gorman, Arthur Pue  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I13281
29 Gorman, Mary E.  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I24178
30 Jenkins, Elizabeth  1850Howard, Maryland, USA I13283
31 Jenkins, Elizabeth  1880Howard, Maryland, USA I13283
32 Unknown, Annie E.  1900Howard, Maryland, USA I23838
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