Louisiana, USA



Latitude: 31, Longitude: -91.5


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Claiborne, Amelie  Sep 1883Louisiana, USA I23250
2 Claiborne, Celeste  Dec 1870Louisiana, USA I23512
3 Claiborne, Charles  Jan 1875Louisiana, USA I23249
4 Claiborne, Clarisse  Jan 1895Louisiana, USA I23289
5 Claiborne, Duralde  10 Mar 1895Louisiana, USA I23252
6 Claiborne, Ernest  Feb 1881Louisiana, USA I23532
7 Claiborne, Ethel  Aug 1889Louisiana, USA I23533
8 Claiborne, Ferdinand  Feb 1875Louisiana, USA I23365
9 Claiborne, Joseph  1876Louisiana, USA I23269
10 Claiborne, Juanita  1882Louisiana, USA I23363
11 Claiborne, Louis  1876Louisiana, USA I23514
12 Claiborne, Louise  Dec 1877Louisiana, USA I23248
13 Claiborne, L.   I23255
14 Claiborne, M.   I23254
15 Claiborne, Roland Philemon  11 Aug 1888Louisiana, USA I23364
16 Claiborne, Rose  1873Louisiana, USA I23513
17 Claiborne, Ruffin  Jun 1879Louisiana, USA I23515
18 Claiborne, Thomas Sterling  1908Louisiana, USA I23416
19 Claiborne, Walton H.  1884Louisiana, USA I23457
20 Claiborne, William C.  1880Louisiana, USA I23456
21 Claiborne, Y.   I23256
22 Douglas, Blanch  1860Louisiana, USA I22787
23 du Fossat, Amelie Soniat  27 Jan 1855Louisiana, USA I20443
24 Fleitas, Delphine Odile  15 Oct 1834Louisiana, USA I20448
25 French, Alixen  Oct 1872Louisiana, USA I23372
26 French, John F.  Oct 1878Louisiana, USA I23373
27 French, Magdalen  Aug 1883Louisiana, USA I23374
28 Leathers, Bowling Starke  1855Louisiana, USA I22778
29 Leathers, Charlotte  Jan 1876Louisiana, USA I22785
30 Leathers, Claiborne  Abt 1857Louisiana, USA I22780
31 Leathers, Courtenay Leigh  Abt 1854Louisiana, USA I22777
32 Leathers, Francis  Abt 1867Louisiana, USA I22783
33 Leathers, Herbert Leigh  Apr 1878Louisiana, USA I22786
34 Leathers, Magdeline Celeste  Aug 1859Louisiana, USA I22781
35 Leathers, Richard Starke  Mar 1873Louisiana, USA I22784
36 Leathers, Thomas Paul Jr.  Abt 1864Louisiana, USA I22782
37 Morrison, Martha Corinne  14 Feb 1894Louisiana, USA I25529
38 Ross, Yvonne Holly  Abt 1899Louisiana, USA I23253
39 Unknown, Adrienne  1887Louisiana, USA I23511
40 Winchester, Courtenay Fay  27 May 1881Louisiana, USA I22792
41 Winchester, Paul Leigh  Oct 1883Louisiana, USA I22793


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Craighead, John Brown  1853Louisiana, USA I673
2 Mills, Minnie  26 May 1942Louisiana, USA I12390
3 Napier, Elias Wills  26 Aug 1841Louisiana, USA I21244
4 Napier, George Fox  27 Aug 1840Louisiana, USA I21133
5 Purviance, Lewis C.  22 Aug 1955Louisiana, USA I12389
6 Tarleton, Samuel Moore  Louisiana, USA I1259
7 Wilkins, John Douglas  5 Feb 1852Louisiana, USA I7798


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bosque, Cayetana Susana  Louisiana, USA I3961
2 Duralde, Clarissa  Louisiana, USA I4382
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