Mercer, Kentucky, USA



Latitude: 37.8047, Longitude: -84.8764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allin, Buckner Miller  3 Jun 1856Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19587
2 Allin, Henry C.  10 Feb 1825Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19325
3 Allin, Thomas  20 Jul 1794Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19203
4 Arnold, F. Brent  8 Oct 1845Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19049
5 Buchanan, James Milton  27 Nov 1799Mercer, Kentucky, USA I20707
6 Daviess, Annie T.  1844Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19424
7 Daviess, Samuel  27 Nov 1847Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19426
8 Daviess, William Joseph  13 Jun 1853Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19429
9 Davis, Walker Timberlick  3 May 1828Mercer, Kentucky, USA I24700
10 Gibson, Nathaniel Hart  22 May 1835Mercer, Kentucky, USA I1070
11 McAfee, Hannah  26 Mar 1789Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19415
12 Talbot, Mary Ann  1833Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19018
13 Taylor, James  Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19004
14 Thompson, Anne Porter  24 Feb 1826Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19243
15 Thompson, Emma F.  4 Nov 1854Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19192
16 Thompson, Philip Burton  8 Jan 1821Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19239
17 Thompson, Susanna Preston Hart  5 Oct 1822Mercer, Kentucky, USA I1057
18 Tomlinson, William M.  29 Apr 1827Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19017


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allin, Benjamin Casey  26 Sep 1895Mercer, Kentucky, USA I24664
2 Bowman, Abraham Hite  1 Apr 1877Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19014
3 Bowman, John  10 Jan 1873Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19015
4 Daviess, Annie T.  1845Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19424
5 Daviess, William  29 Jul 1881Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19235
6 Magoffin, Beriah Jr.  28 Feb 1885Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19189
7 McDowell, Mary McClung  8 Nov 1818Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19078
8 Mitchum, Mary Polly  2 Oct 1856Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19016
9 Montgomery, Martha Adelaide  10 Aug 1895Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19240
10 Thompson, Emma F.  25 Dec 1932Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19192
11 Thompson, John  26 Jun 1833Mercer, Kentucky, USA I16206
12 Vinton, David Jr.  Jul 1833Mercer, Kentucky, USA I4053


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allin, George S.  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19327
2 Allin, Henry C.  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19325
3 Allin, Joseph C.  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19333
4 Allin, Philip T.  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19331
5 Allin, Samuel Daviess  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19334
6 Allin, Sarah  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19330
7 Allin, Thomas  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19203
8 Allin, William  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19323
9 Daviess, Anna Trimble  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19425
10 Daviess, Anna Trimble  1860Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19425
11 Daviess, Hannah  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19416
12 Daviess, Jane Hamilton  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19427
13 Daviess, Jane Hamilton  1860Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19427
14 Daviess, John Burton Thompson  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19420
15 Daviess, John Burton Thompson  1860Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19420
16 Daviess, Samuel L.  1860Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19430
17 Daviess, William  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19235
18 Daviess, William  1860Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19235
19 Daviess, William Joseph  1860Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19429
20 Harper, Elizabeth  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19439
21 Montgomery, Martha Adelaide  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19240
22 Thompson, Davis Montgomery  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19443
23 Thompson, John Burton  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19444
24 Thompson, Maria Washington Robards  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19234
25 Thompson, Maria Washington Robards  1860Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19234
26 Thompson, Mary Burton  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19202
27 Thompson, Philip Burton Jr.  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19447
28 Thompson, Philip Burton  1850Mercer, Kentucky, USA I19239


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Daviess / Thompson  25 Oct 1839Mercer, Kentucky, USA F7013
2 Lewis / Lawson  23 Dec 1797Mercer, Kentucky, USA F5896
3 Provine / Buchanan  30 Jul 1801Mercer, Kentucky, USA F4110
4 Vance / Thompson  16 Oct 1844Mercer, Kentucky, USA F590
5 Vance / Thompson  8 Jan 1845Mercer, Kentucky, USA F589
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