New York, USA



Latitude: 42.7531, Longitude: -74.2224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Archer, Orson Ovitt  6 Apr 1849New York, USA I10131
2 Ashhurst, Lewis Richard  26 Nov 1806New York, USA I3206
3 Aspinwall, Mary Rebecca  20 Dec 1809New York, USA I197
4 Barker, Florence Margaret  6 Jul 1883New York, USA I2531
5 Bogert, Annetje  18 Aug 1728New York, USA I1714
6 Brookins, Unknown  New York, USA I23525
7 Brooks, Leverich Van Voorhees  8 Oct 1893New York, USA I7080
8 Chattin, William Penn  1821New York, USA I14826
9 Chew, Abigail Hortense  1822New York, USA I15336
10 Chew, B.J.   I14491
11 Chew, Mary  Abt 1688New York, USA I14309
12 Chew, Richard Jr.  Abt 1682New York, USA I14304
13 Chew, Wilson W. Jr.  1904New York, USA I14368
14 Claiborne, John Herbert III  1903New York, USA I23354
15 Clapp, Deborah Maria  23 Oct 1799New York, USA I10790
16 Daly, Mary  Jun 1866New York, USA I9061
17 Dewey, Elora Maud  New York, USA I6310
18 Earnshaw, Joseph Corlies  29 May 1862New York, USA I25025
19 Egger, Emma  17 May 1885New York, USA I21792
20 Elkins, Blaine  14 Sep 1881New York, USA I13279
21 Elkins, Richard  6 Mar 1879New York, USA I13278
22 Enk, Mary Magdalene  29 Sep 1863New York, USA I23768
23 Field, Caroline Matilda  11 Nov 1829New York, USA I21176
24 Flack, Isabella Bryant  Abt 1840New York, USA I18881
25 Gates, Ann  Abt 1620New York, USA I14301
26 Gordon, Eugenia F.  Dec 1881New York, USA I8682
27 Gorman, Emma S.  Abt 1860New York, USA I23152
28 Graham, Elizabeth E.  1823New York, USA I10111
29 Herring, Margaret  6 Jul 1733New York, USA I23725
30 Hopkins, Samuel  1808New York, USA I17265
31 Horton, Stephen  24 Mar 1793New York, USA I2502
32 Hunter, Jeanne  1903New York, USA I23182
33 Hutton, John Strangeways  Abt 1696New York, USA I22809
34 Ives, Chauncy  1842New York, USA I11262
35 Kinney, Franklin Sherwood  1805New York, USA I6024
36 La Trobe, Esther Mary  29 Apr 1904New York, USA I6312
37 La Trobe, Frederick Elmer  9 Jun 1899New York, USA I6311
38 Lobdell, Jessie Katherine  Aug 1888New York, USA I15473
39 Manning, Daniel  New York, USA I3837
40 Miller, Margaret  29 Sep 1802New York, USA I717
41 Motler, John  Jul 1919New York, USA I25182
42 O'Harrow, Emmaline O.  7 Dec 1926New York, USA I24314
43 Phelps, Amanda M.  1812New York, USA I14037
44 Pollock, Beatrice Hale  1901New York, USA I15468
45 Potter, Elisabeth Miller  25 Nov 1856New York, USA I24562
46 Riggs, Clinton Levering  13 Sep 1866New York, USA I21201
47 Riggs, William Pickersgill  11 Aug 1864New York, USA I21200
48 Roosevelt, Corinne  27 Sep 1861New York, USA I187
49 Roosevelt, Cornelius  8 Jul 1731New York, USA I23724
50 Roosevelt, Jacobus  28 Feb 1691New York, USA I179

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Catherine  1826New York, USA I17013
2 Arnold, Daniel Hinkley  26 Jun 1887New York, USA I4067
3 Aspinwall, Mary Rebecca  24 Feb 1886New York, USA I197
4 Beard, Catherine Shepard  1946New York, USA I597
5 Bogert, Annetje  9 Jul 1773New York, USA I1714
6 Booth, Emma Schoenlaub  22 Nov 1905New York, USA I3281
7 Brock, Julia Ann Chew  16 Feb 1863New York, USA I17055
8 Duer, William  18 Apr 1799New York, USA I17012
9 Duer, William  Aug 1879New York, USA I17017
10 Dunscomb, Samuel Bedloe  1798New York, USA I17200
11 Gates, Ann  13 Apr 1695New York, USA I14301
12 Hoffman, Cornelia  13 Nov 1789New York, USA I174
13 Horton, Stephen  20 Oct 1832New York, USA I2502
14 Hutchins, John  1709New York, USA I23065
15 Hutton, John  1715New York, USA I22810
16 Pintard, Antoine  11 May 1732New York, USA I23063
17 Potter, Elisabeth Miller  16 Oct 1945New York, USA I24562
18 Purviance, Wilson Cary  26 Jul 1822New York, USA I5413
19 Roosevelt, Corinne  17 Feb 1933New York, USA I187
20 Roosevelt, Elliott Bulloch  14 Aug 1894New York, USA I190
21 Roosevelt, Isaac  13 Oct 1794New York, USA I180
22 Roosevelt, Jacobus  5 May 1776New York, USA I179
23 Roosevelt, James  8 Dec 1900New York, USA I183
24 Roosevelt, Nicholas  30 Jul 1742New York, USA I176
25 Walton, Maria Eliza  22 Mar 1810New York, USA I23720
26 Weston, William  22 Aug 1916New York, USA I873


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Motler, James  2006New York, USA I9088


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lived    Person ID 
1 Brown, Jacob Jennings  New York, USA I4072


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Pell, Clarence  New York, USA I3874


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hutton / Strangeways  28 Oct 1695New York, USA F8712
2 Onderdonk / Reynolds  1953New York, USA F851
3 Riggs / McBurney  4 Apr 1904New York, USA F9079
4 Roosevelt / Sioerts  25 Sep 1708New York, USA F132
5 Shashaguay / Keenan   F6433
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