Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA



Latitude: 28.8922, Longitude: -99.0951


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cruz, Jose Luis  Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4242
2 Favro, Charlie  1900Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4180
3 Favro, Ida Vinton  23 Feb 1893Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4179
4 Hewtty, Maria  10 Mar 1929Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4334
5 Salazar, Irma  Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4243
6 Vinton, A.   I4139
7 Vinton, Carmen  7 Jan 1941Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4140
8 Vinton, C.   I4137
9 Vinton, Enrique  18 Jul 1960Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4239
10 Vinton, Felix  20 Nov 1909Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4194
11 Vinton, Hipolito  13 Aug 1897Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4258
12 Vinton, Josefina  4 May 1959Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4238
13 Vinton, Juan  9 Nov 1904Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4129
14 Vinton, Juan Harris  13 Jan 1919Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4197
15 Vinton, M.   I4138
16 Vinton, Olivia  20 Dec 1926Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4136
17 Vinton, Sulema  18 May 1918Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4213
18 Vinton, V.   I4234


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Betancourt, Nicolasa  11 Nov 1994Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4199
2 Gonzales, Timotea Mainez  19 Jul 1995Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4134
3 Harris, Rosa  11 Sep 1960Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4193
4 Morquecho, Felipe Jr.  24 Jul 1993Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4182
5 Vinton, Crecencio Renteria  3 Apr 1967Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4128
6 Vinton, Felix  18 Jan 1971Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4194
7 Vinton, Jacobo Brown  10 Sep 1947Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4116
8 Vinton, Josefina  16 May 1959Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4238
9 Vinton, Juan Harris  4 Jul 1980Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4197
10 Vinton, Santiago H.  7 Feb 1960Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4119
11 Vinton, Sulema  20 Jun 1996Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Casas, Margarita  2014Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4231
2 Escobar, Carlota  1956Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4343
3 Gonzales, Timotea Mainez  1995Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4134
4 Guerra, Oscar Trevino  2007Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4148
5 Rangel, Paula  1990Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4267
6 Villarreal, Angelita  2010Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4965
7 Vinton, Angelita  1998Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4195
8 Vinton, Crecencio Renteria  1967Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4128
9 Vinton, Cresencio G.  2006Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4135
10 Vinton, Eduardo R.  2000Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4214
11 Vinton, Edward  1934Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4256
12 Vinton, Enrique  2000Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4239
13 Vinton, Felix  1971Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4194
14 Vinton, Hipolito  1932Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4258
15 Vinton, Hipolito Jr.  1933Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4262
16 Vinton, Jacobo Brown  1947Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4116
17 Vinton, Josefina  1959Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4238
18 Vinton, Juan  1947Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4129
19 Vinton, Leonila  1940Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4348
20 Vinton, Olivia  2012Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4136
21 Vinton, Pedro  2012Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4174
22 Vinton, Prudencia  1945Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4264
23 Vinton, Santiago H. Jr.  1997Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4196
24 Vinton, Sulema  1996Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4213
25 Vinton, Tomas B.  2010Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA I4206


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bivens / Vinton  3 Feb 1885Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA F1856
2 Favro / Vinton  19 Nov 1892Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA F1862
3 Morquecho / Favro  15 Jan 1913Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA F1891
4 Vinton / Favro  19 Jul 1893Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA F1858
5 Vinton / Gonzales  12 Nov 1924Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA F1866
6 Vinton / Renteria  1 May 1896Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA F1864
7 Vinton / Trevino  22 Oct 1924Pearsall, Frio, Texas, USA F1928
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